Ian Jones Design



About Me

Raised in sunny South Florida, my passion for design started early. I attended magnet schools for visual arts in my middle and high school years, which helped me build a strong foundation in drawing, printmaking, and other visual skills. After graduating Dreyfoos School of the Arts in 2014, I moved on to University of Central Florida to pursue a degree in marketing.

During my time at UCF, I continued to practice graphic design in my free time, creating work for friends, projects, and school organizations to make a couple bucks on the side. This experience and networking eventually landed me an internship and part-time position in Ad Production at Orlando Weekly Magazine, where I created advertisements for their weekly publication with over 500K monthly readers.

After my time with Orlando Weekly, I took on an internship with South Street & Co., a small business marketing agency. In May 2018, I graduated UCF with a bachelor's degree in marketing, and began working full time as a graphic designer for South Street & Co.